Equipment, Training and Community Events

  • Trauma Kits for every officer in the Department (850 kits)
  • Forty-five patrol bicycles
  • Three K-9 bite suits
  • Two portable defibrillators for the patrol desk
  • One police dog (K-9)
  • Sent Officers to National Asian Gang conference in New Orleans
  • OPD Award ceremonies with dinner and luncheon events
  • Oakland Police Open House
  • East Oakland neighborhood clean-up event
  • Area Commander Community Donation Cards


  • Alameda County Family Justice Center
  • Asian Immigrant Woman Advocates
  • Asian Youth Services Committee
  • Cypress Mandela Project
  • DreamCatcher Youth Shelter
  • Friends of Oakland Parks and Rec
  • MISSSEY Inc.
  • Motherhood Community Wellness Center
  • Motor Santa
  • Oakland Kids (OK) Program
  • Oakland Police Activities League
  • Rice University Leadership for Youth
  • Special Olympics
  • Scholarship funds for Oakland students

OPD Canine Unit