About Us

The Oakland Police Foundation was created in 2002 by an endowment from an Oakland police officer who served in the 1950’s. Until 2013, the investment proceeds from the $1.3 million endowment have served as the sole source of funds for grant making. The needs of the officers and the at-risk youth of Oakland far exceed the available funds. The Foundation needs to, and will with your help, become a major source of funding for effective programs serving these two key groups. Programs that make our police officers safe and effective, citizens safe and working in partnership with our officers, and most importantly Oakland a desirable city in which to live and work. Once we are safe, the path is open to thrive. We envision a future where:

  • Oakland citizens, police officers, and visitors are safe;
  • The Oakland Police Department provides high-quality services and functions effectively as an organization; and
  • Oakland residents have strong, positive relationships with the Oakland Police Department and its officers.

Our mission is to promote public safety by supporting and providing critical resources for the Oakland Police Department and engaging community organizations and citizens as partners in support of our police officers and their work.

Board & Staff

The Oakland Police Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization consisting of residents, business owners and civic leaders committed to building a safe community.

Executive Board Members

Gregory Brown Chairman
David Downing President
Jeannine Brummett Treasurer
Craig Chew Secretary

Board of Directors

Douglas Butler
Claudia Albano
Carl Chan
Bob Jackson
Larry Kamer
Larry Reid
Rob Stoker
John Protopappas
Natalie Windham